Friday, January 15, 2010

LN Defense Council: LNIRMH

Lego Nations Immediate Relief Mission in Haiti

As of January 15, 2010 a relief mission in Haiti has officially been activated. The 7.0 earthquake that recently struck near the capital Port-au-Prince has done severe damage to the city. The UN and other foreign aid agencies are overwhelmed, and the defense council voted on Thursday to send aid as soon as possible to Haiti. LN aid workers and soldiers will stay only until the situation can be handled by the UN alone. Their mission is to:
- Rescue people stuck in rubble
- Clear roads of rubble to allow aid to be distributed
- Distribute food and water to the people
- Provide medical care for victims of the disaster

The Situation
At 16:53:09 local time, a earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Haiti, centering 25 kilometers (16 miles) from the capital Port-au-Prince. The earthquake has caused heavy damage to the capital and other areas around it. People have almost no access to food, water and first aid, other than the international aid groups going to help.

The airport near Port-au-Prince is currently as of January 15th not taking in aircraft, due to a shortage in jet fuel and troubles with air traffic control. Most roads in the country are blocked off or are in bad shape. The most effective way to get food into the country would be to assemble in the Dominican Republic, and then fix roads leading into Haiti to allow aid to be distributed in the countryside.

The Lego Nations do not nearly have enough food to feed every Haitian (4 million +) although we will try to provide aid to as many people as possible.

Consi, Bricktainia, and NoTown have pledged around 440 military personnel to the mission, in addition to the 500 aid workers being sent. The command of the mission:
Secretary General - TBA
Force Commander - TBA

Mission News

December 14 - Consi pledges 100 troops, a dozen road clearing vehicles, along with 3 search and rescue teams.
- Bricktainia will send 100 troops, 2 search and rescue teams crews, and medical supplies.
- NoTown will send 2 cargoplanes with 200 troops and 4 10-man USAR teams and 1 Skycrane helicopter. Also 100 tons of supplies.
- First units are scheduled to arrive in the Dominican Republic on January 17th, 2010 at 13:00 hours.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

LN Agencies

LN agencies deal with specific issues throughout the world. The agencies are much smaller than their UN counterparts, and often work with the UN agencies. Here are all of the LN agencies:

LN Communication Organization
Acronym - LNCO
HQ - Studlanta, Bricktainia

LN Cultural Program
Acronym - LNCP
HQ - Consi City, Consi

LN Education & Science Organization
Acronym - LNESO
HQ - Frostbrick, Stud-i-o

LN Energy Organization
Acronym - LNEO
HQ - Kcirb, Legoton

LN Environmental Protection Organization
Acronym - LNEPO
HQ - Studlanta, Bricktainia

LN Financial Agency
Acronym - LNFA
HQ - Brickbridge, Isle of Bricks

LN Food Organization
Acronym - LNFO
HQ - Top Town, Legoton

LN Health Organization
Acronym - LNHO
HQ - Consi City, Consi

LN Maritime Organization
Acronym - LNMO
HQ - Brickmouth, Isle of Bricks

LN Tourism Organization
Acronym - LNTRO
HQ - Taiyo Shima, Bricktainia

LN Transportation Organization
Acronym - LNTO
HQ - Stud-i-o, Stud-i-o

Sunday, January 3, 2010

LN Vehicle Standardization Program

All LN vehicles should be white. "LN" should be clearly marked on both sides of the vehicle, and in the case of an APC on the front. The license plate on SUVs, Vans, and other cars should be written "LN" and then a 5-letter number after it (e.g "LN 22547). Example:

Friday, January 1, 2010

LN Defence Council: LNMMBL

Lego Nations Mission in Megablokland (LNMMBL)

As of January 1st, 2010 the first Lego Nations peacekeeping mission is active. Due to the recent war in Megablokland, LN personnel are being deployed. Their mission is to:
- Maintain security
- Rebuild buildings and roads lost in the conflict

- Provide food and water to citizens

The Situation - Security
There is currently a militia on the southern islands threatening the LN operation. When the war in Megablokland, the militia remained, and continues to fight troops of the Anti-Megablok Alliance. The militia is preventing the LN workers or Peacekeepers to enter the area, firing upon any intruders in their held territory. Even after airdropping supplies, the militia takes the supplies for themselves. LN troops have started an offensive to clear the southern islands of the militia.

In many cities the local security forces have been eliminated in the fighting. LN patrols police these areas and are currently training police forces for these areas.

The Situation - Living Conditions
Living conditions after this conflict are very bad. Most cities have nothing left but rubble. There is a lack of medical care, shelter, education, and places for getting food and water. LN workers have set up medical stations and schools, and are giving out food and water.

Construction vehicles are scheduled to arrive soon and will begin to rebuild.

There are currently 1,920 LN soldiers, 80 military observers, and 180 police in the mission in Megablokland. In addition there are 1000 international aid workers, and around 850 local Megablokian workers. The command of the mission:
Secretary General - Ralph Teerson (Isle of Bricks)
Force Commander - Gen. Thomas Brickson (NoTown)
Police Commissioner - Brig. David Suval (Consi)
The following countries have deployed personnel:

Mission News
January 14, 2010 - Ralph Teerson of Isle of Bricks is nominated Secretary General.
January 9, 2010 - General Thomas Brickson of NoTown is nominated Force commander.
- Brigadier David Suval of Consi is nominated Police Commissioner.

January 3, 2010 -
NoTown will deploy 100 more troops, as well as 100 policemen.
January 1, 2010 - The LN operation officially begins.
- Bricktainia announces it will send 500 workers to help rebuild.
- Consi sends 80 police personnel.
- NoTown deploys two battalions.
December 31, 2009 - The Isle of Bricks deploys 140 troops to Megablokland.
- Bricktainia deploys 200 troops.
December 30, 2009 - Consi deploys 100 troops.

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